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     Jeanne Garenne has done a lot of self-awareness. 

   She also studied and practiced different types of meditation: kriya yoga, Buddhist meditation, non-dual meditation, and mindfulness meditation. 

   The meditation sessions she organizes are inspired by these last two methods. 

   She is also a yin yoga graduate (60 h Yin Yoga Teacher Training).

     Hélène Ona is the founder of Pure Bliss Yoga Nice. She organizes Vinyasa, Yin and Mindful Meditation classes on the French Riviera, as well as yoga workshops, holistic coaching and healing weekends. 

     Attracted since childhood by oriental philosophies allowing to put more Consciousness and Heart in the life, she studied psychology and sophrology before being interested in shamanism and holotropic breathing (Grof), so many influences which will bring her to go to India to train in yoga that she has been practicing for 10 years. 

  Curious and passionate, she never ceases to train and continue to deepen her knowledge. Her personal journey leads her to explore Non-Duality (Ramani Maharshi, Rupert Spira) and to expand her panoply of healing tools in the resolution of traumas. She is currently training to be a practitioner in cognitive behavioral therapy and certified life coach. 

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